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The Saxon State Office of Criminal Investigation


The Saxon State Office of Criminal Investigation (in the following: the Office), a higher state authority, is subordinate to the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior. More precisely, the Office reports to the Ministry’s Third Department, Public Safety and Order – State Police Headquarters. The Office is responsible for supervising the criminal investigation activities of Saxony’s police stations. According to the Saxon Police Organization Ordinance, the Office is the center for criminal investigation tasks. It is also in charge of law enforcement prevention within the Free State of Saxony. Aside from operation  and investigation-supporting service duties it performs definite investigation responsibilities.

Today the Office employs more than 1,100 staff members, among them police officers and administration officials, employees and laborers. As diverse as the Office’s duties and responsibilities are the staff members’ vocational fields. In addition to the police officers and administrative officials, there are natural scientists, computer experts, jurists and sociologists who contribute to the Office’s successful performance.

In summary, the Office’s range of duty can be divided into three categories: center tasks, service assignments and original investigation responsibilities. Please find more information here.


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Landeskriminalamt Sachsen
Neuländer Straße 60
01129 Dresden

phone: +49 351 855-2010

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This e-mail address is not suitable for emergencies! In urgent situations, please dial the emergency number 110 (in Germany).

If you wish to file a criminal complaint or provide information about wanted persons or stolen/missing items, or if there is a clear danger to life, limb or property, please contact your local police directly.

If you want to send us an e-mail, please don´t forget to tell us your name and adress. Otherwise we can´t deal with your information.

E-Mail: pressestelle.lka@polizei.sachsen.de