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The new gun laws include quite a lot of severities and modifications

On 1 April 2008, the Bill about the revision of the Weapons Act and further regulations came into effect in the main parts. Numerous amendments and aggravations are included in comparision with the former law.

The main content of the revision

  1. The ban of carring so-called apparent weapons, striking weapons and weapons for stabbing and dagerous knives.
  2. Blocking system for inherited weapons 
    Completely new is the regulation that persons who are not in the age of 25 years, basically required to present a health certificate from the medical officer about their mental suitability for getting the permission up purchase and possess firearms. This regulations do not apply firearms which riflemen/-women are already allowed to purchase in the age of 18 years. In addition, this regulation does not apply hunters.
  3. Marking and registration of weapons 
    In future, everybody who intend to carry blank guns, irritant- or very pistols in public is obliged to possess such a license. This obligation applies also all people who have already got these weapons before the 1 April 2003, and who are going to carry in future, too. The requirements therefore are the following: the persons have to be reliable, personally suitable for and at least in the age of 18 years. The age requirement of majority is still the only condition in order to purchase or possess them. The permission which you can get at your expense will be issued by the local weapons authority, county or town.You are allowed in the age of 14 years to possess proofed irritating spray.
  4. Illegal firearms
    Since the 1 April 2003, a few weapons are classified as illegal and which have been legal according to the former regulation. This applies, for example, metal stars used as a weapon when thrown, butterfly knives and flick knives. You have the possibility to put in an application for getting a waiver by the Federal Criminal Police Office. This permission will be given, whether the applicant’s interest under special circumstances predominate the public interest to force the ban. This case can possibly happen, if the weapon is categorized to expand an important historic-cultural collection and there is no danger for the public security.
  5. Safekeeping
    All weapons and the ammunition must be looked after that they cannot get lost or taken by third party without any authorization. Weapons and ammunition have to be kept separate, as long as the safekeeping does not occur in a special security container.
  6. The continuance of former firearms licenses or permissions
    The former granted permissions, firearms licenses and waivers are still valid in future. In each case you should contact or get in touch with the local authorities in the county or town for further questions concerning the enforcement of the new Weapons Act.


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