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Tasks of the community police officers

You can find the name of the community police officer in charge of your district at the local police station or on the respective internet site. 

The community police officer- your contact person on the spot

Community police officers are contact partners on the spot. Through their presence they improve the quality of life in the community and offer greater public reassurance.

Their main function is to get into contact with citizens, groups of citizens, private institutions, governmental authorities, community centres and others and to maintain these contacts. Community police officers are on the beat in order to detect and prevent potentially dangerous hazards for the public order and security and to take prompt measures.

Furthermore they instruct the Saxon Police Support Officers and go on patrol together with them. Detecting  irregularities in public traffic areas they immediately inform the respective police stations or authorities.

Community police officers are even envolved in prevention. They work to complement and support regular police officers, dealing with minor offences and accidents, searching for wanted persons, investigating and protecting against threats.

Community police officers are always partners to get in contact with in all aspects of public order and security.  






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