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The officer's safety

Why is this topic so important for us?

The experts agreed: The willingness to use violence in our society has increased rapidly in the last years. Policewomen and policemen are affected by it in a special kind, they experience the effects first hand. It happens by conducting the daily routine inspections that they are attacked, and suddenly, ordinary inspections escalate and inconsiderate perpetrators use the gun without warning. The long list of cases with hurt or killed police officers as a result forces the police, more to do for their own safety.

Police inspection

Carrying out inspections the policewomen and policemen take also measures for their own safety, such as, wearing of protective jackets and, of course, carrying the gun with them.The police officers have the hand at the gun in order to react as fast as possible or check with drawn gun. They also will search persons and vehicles under the above mentioned circumstances. We do not need the so-called "American way of solution" - rigorously acting "sheriffs"-, in our country, since the police will be in touch with the people. Police inspections will be marked by more precaution and consistency. 

Every citizen can avoid misunderstandings in a police inspection. It is up to everybody. If someone suddenly opens the glove compartment, the police officer could get the impression, that he or she will take out a hidden gun. Avoid this kind of behaviour what could be seen as an attack, so for example:
  • abrupt braking and stopping.
  • rushed and unforeseen movements.
  • fast pulling -out of pockets or bags.
  • hidden acting.
  • to have items which seem to be dangerous in your hand.


Follow the instructions in order to get the police inspections safer:
  • follow the police officer' s instructions 
  • switch on the courtesy light of the vehicle in darkness 
  • after stopping put your hands on the steering wheel first 
  • inform about guns you have with you or dangerous goods/ items
  • tell the officer what you are going to do next such as looking for the documents

The police officers also conduct inspections using for that unmarked vehicles and plain clothes. They prove their identity by presenting their identity card.


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110

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