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Missing persons

What to do if you want to report a person missing?

  • Immediately inform the police dialling 110.
  • Make sure if the the missing person may stay with relatives or friends.
  • File a report at the local police station.  

What the police need to know...

  • physical description of the missing person including distinguishable features and clothes he/ she was wearing
  • a recent photograph of the missing person
  • where and when the person was last seen or heard from
  • places the missing person may visit
  • list of any medical problems or medications the person may need
  • names and contacts of friends or people associated with the person
  • if the person has ever been missed before even not reported missing

How does it go on?

  • The police deal with your missing persons report at the police station.  
  • Then surrounding hospitals and police stations check  if the missing person has been involved in any accident.
  • If deemed appropriate, the police will issue an alert nationwide or it may be lodged with Interpol to faciliate international cooperation.
  • Public and social media publications require your agreement.   
  • Inform the police immediately if the missing person returns independently. Tell us the exact whereabouts of the missing person.


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110