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Traffic accident

You should call the police as soon as an accident has happened.  In case of any injured people dial first 112 and give first aid. Secure the scene of accident until the police attend. Make sure that you or anyone else at the scene are not creating an unnecessary hazard. If only a minor damage has happened, clear the road.   

What the police do ...

  • The police record all accident details and usually take photos of the vehicles and the accident scene. 
  • If drivers make allegations about or against others, you or the insurance company can request police records.
  • After recording the accident you will get a document informing you about the people involved and providing you with the precise docket number that you will need for claiming costs from other drivers. 


What you should think of...

  • The police need some detailed facts of the accident from you if they record accident details after the accident.    
  • Witnesses, time and the exact location are very important. Make and keep notes of the direction and the number(s) on the distance road marker posts if you are out of built-up areas.
  • Have your driving licence and and vehicle documents with you and be ready to show them to the police. They will need your ID if you are not the registered owner of the car or if details of the car document differ from your real address.
  • Make and keep notes about how the accident happened while the events are still fresh in your mind. Remember what exactly happened. Only your personal perception is important.
  • In case of a hit and run offence in a car park try to remember where exactly you parked your car. The time when you left your car and noticed the damage are important. Tell us any witnesses e.g. residents or staff  that might have seen how the accident happened.

How does it go on?

  • Inform your insurance company as soon as you can. They will advise you about the arrangements for the repair of your vehicle. 
  • Dialling 0800/6683663 you are informed about the other party`s insurance details.  
  • If it appears that the driver who caused the accident is either uninsured or unidentified, you may get in contact with the assocition "Verkehrsopferhilfe e. V.", an institution of German motor liability insurers.
  • Recovering your vehicle away from the scene is your responsibility. If you are not able to call for a towing service, the police could arrange it. 
  • If the police secure your car for traces or other evidence, you will get a document informing you about the towing service and the time when you can get your car back. Where possible the police or the towing service will keep you informed of that time. 
  • Drivers who only caused a minor accident and have to pay a fine will not be prosecuted. If it appears that a driver may have committed a criminal offence then a prosecution may take place. Either the CID will investigate or the fixed penalty office will deal with it.


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110