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Prohibited weapons and items

Due to the complex gun laws it is difficult to handout advice without precise details.  Please contact directly the municipal authority in charge of guns which will deal with each case individually.  

In general...

  • Possessing and handling weapons and other dangerous items is strictly controlled in German gun laws. Still there are exceptions for certain people that handle weapons professionally e.g. hunters or arms dealers or people in their free time like target shooters. Even they are bound to legal regulations.  
  • Butterfly knifes and throwing stars are weapons or prohibited items.   

You should know that...

  • You can legally buy gas alarm guns if they are labelled with a round PTB sticker provided that their owner is at least 18 years old.  
  • You need a firearms certificate for such a kind of weapon if you carry it in public. If you do not have such a certificate, it is a criminal offence that may result in heavy fines or even imprisonment.

Following weapons are prohibited...

  • weapons of war e.g. machine-guns, submachine guns and certain semi-automatic rifles, automatic firearms and pump guns
  • concealed weapons as fakes e.g. firearms that look like a pen or a walking stick  but as well swords, combat knifes and taser that are not recognized as firearms because they are built in daily things
  • hunting rifles that are quickly assembled and dissembled  
  • certain equipment for firearms that light the target like searchlight, torches etc or mark it e.g. laser for firearms or laser pointer mounted on arms.
    Attention: That applies to lamps and laser that are part of airsoft guns even if the guns are excluded from the gun law regulations.  
  • night vision goggles and night aiming devices or respective attachment for magnifying scopes designed for firearms,  
  • knuckle dusters, coshes and flexible steel rod ( not to be confused with permitted batons),
  • nunchuks or (soft)chainsticks that are suitably used as a strangling tool,
  • throwing stars,
  • catapults including arm support,
  • push dagger (foldable as well),
  • flick knifes or gravity knifes,
  • folding knifes including butterfly knifes,
  • stun guns and taser without approval label,
  • ammunition with tracer bullet etc that is visible due to the colored coding of the projectile point 

This list is neither complete nor final. In case of any doubt ask at the municipal public order office. 


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110