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An assault is a crime. This could happen if you are threatened with violence to be robbed of your valuables or money.  If you become a victim of such a crime, dial 110 instantly. The police will help you as fast as possible and take further steps. The CID will investigate the crime.  


What you should think of...

  • Try to avoid any resistance as a victim of such a crime as it could provoke the attacker. 
  • Act and behave sensibly and cooperatively in order to avoid any harm or injury.  
  • Try to remember as many as possible facts about the attacker e.g. clothes, hight, hair colour, language/ accent/ dialect, direction of escape, getaway vehicle etc. Be so kind and mention these facts when you call the police. This may increase the chances of catching the attackers.   
  • Inform us about injuries so that medical aid could be arranged.  

How does it go on?

  • If the offender is still near the crime scene, the police will take all the neccessary steps to catch him after questioning you.   
  • The CID officer will deal with your report on the spot, at the police station or it will be forwarded to the investigating detective in charge of it. Then it will be handed over to the public prosecutor`s office. We search for stolen articles which have an identification or serial number.    
  • It could happen that you are summoned again for another statement at a later poin of time having the chance of completing details or medical reports.  
  • Additional expenses will be reimbursed.
  • If the offender/s  is/ are caught, the police will tell you that. So you can enforce your claims and sue the offender/s for damages and injuries. In case of that you probably may testify as a witness in court.   


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110