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Disturbing noise

According to the law disturbing the peace is a minor offence that may be charged when someone makes excessive noise which generally has to be avoided between 10pm and 6am, especially when windows are open, on balconies or outdoors. People have to pay attention to other neighbours`need for rest, especially in residential areas, such as by operation of television and radio. The police will only reestablish law and order as far as there are no local exemption clauses.


What you should think of...

  • If neighbours make, continue and cause noise, try to talk to them first even if it seems to make no sense.  
  • In case of maintaining and repeating that unusually loud noise get in contact with your landlord and/ or the office of public order.  
  • Write down the offender`s name, the respective date and time, the length of time and the kind of noise (e.g. loud music). Name other people residing in the area if they can witness that.    


How does it go on?

  • The police usually get in contact with the offender and try to stop the noise. 
  • Having reestablished law and order the matter is mostly settled.  
  • After that the police may report the offence to the office in charge of public order.
  • The office can impose a fine.   


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110