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Abandoned ammunition or explosive devices

You may have found a piece of metal almost rusted and covered by leaves within moss and undergrowth. What could that be? If you had a closer look, the rusty longish metal piece could turn out to be a grenade.     

What you have to do...

  • Never ever touch any abandoned ammunition or change its position.   
  • The area where that ammunition is situated is a dangerous zone so you should warn any other people that are nearby. 
  • As soon as you have found some abandoned ammunition inform the police immediately by calling 110. 

As a general rule...

  • Abandoned ammunition is definitely dangerous and you can not assess its risk.
  • Despite the age lots of abandoned pieces have not lost their explosive force.
  • Moreover the sensitivity is increased due to the weathering process, the chemical decomposition of detonating devices and the deformation following the impact. 

You should know that military explosives can be stored for almost unlimited time and they can remain live for years to come. Safety devices on grenades, bombs and mines have often been removed due to the impact or launch. Therefore the ammunition is extremely explosive.  


Always keep in mind....

  • Never touch any abandoned ammunition. 
  • Even a minimal change in position, a push or pressure can cause an extremely dangerous explosion.  


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110