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Theft of a bicycle

The police are in charge of investigating crimes like theft. You are required to lay criminal charges so that the police get information about the crime.  
You can do this online or at any police station. After that you will be provided with a confirmation and a docket number that you may need for your records and the insurance company.




What you should think of ...

  • For dealing with your complaint the police need some documents from you. You are kindly asked to bring along your ID card/ passport and some proof of ownership like purchase contract or bicycle registration document.  
  • Information about the probable circumstances and the time of the theft are important. You can make use of the online form and take notes if required. 

How does it go on?

  • First the police check if immediate measures must be taken. They will usually start a search or manhunt.
  • After you laid criminal charges the investigating detective will deal with it. Then it will be handed over to the public prosecutor`s office. 
  • In case of any further question you may be informed and summoned again.
  • If anything else comes into your mind, you could complete it online or in a written form making use of the file number.  
  • In this way you will be informed about the name of the investigating detective in charge of your case and how you can contact him/ her. 
  • In case of an online form you can track the processing stage.
  • In any case the public prosecutor`s office in charge of your case will inform you of the outcome of the proceedings in a written form.


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110