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Intimidation and harassment

If you feel any intimidation or harassment it has to be differenciated first whether it is classified as a criminal offence or an unpunished harassment. Does anybody threaten to attack you physically? Are you possibly forced by somebody threatening to use force to do or forbear something? Insults, coercion and intimidations are crimes the police are in charge of dealing with. 

What you should do...

  • call 110 immediately in case of currently committed crimes
  • report a crime either online or personally at the police station 
  • after reporting you get a written confirmation which you are supposed to keep
  • in case of any annoying telephone call from your partner living apart you can only sue her or him
  • in case of being insulted or slandered you report her or him to the police
  • such a criminal offence is only prosecuted if you actually lay criminal charges against a person

What you have to consider...

  • remember exactly what the person who intimidated you said to you
  • if there were any witnesses make sure you can name them
  • if you do not lay criminal charges you can apply for a private suit at any local court after having
  • before doing that you have to get in contact with an arbitrator 

What the police do...

  • The offence reported to the police can only be prosecuted if a demand for prosecution is filed that has to be be signed.
  • If you laid criminal charges online, you will get a form that you are kindly asked to sign and forward to the police station.
  • The investigating detective is in charge of the document before it will be handed over to the public prosecutor`s office.  


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110