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Central contact point for Cyber attacks on business companies, authorities and associations in Saxony

The Cyber Crime Competence Center of the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) offers support to business companies, authorities, associations in Saxony after having implemented a central contact point.   
The central contact point for Cyber crime  (ZAC)
  • deals with security incidents relating to Cyber crime and initiates police measures 
  • gives advice how to proceed after Cyber crime incidents

A further significant matter of interest is the trustful cooperation between busines companies, authorities and the police. All information is kept confidentially.  Running IT- systems within the companies and authorities will not be affected by police investigations, if possible.   

This offer is only directed at companies, authorities and associations in Saxony. It is NOT directed at private persons.   

If you want to give hints or report Cyber crime incidents as a private person, use the Saxon online police station:
or report it at any police station.

You can contact the central contact point for Cyber crime :
phone: (0351) 855 3226 (Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm)
e-mail: zac.lka@polizei.sachsen.de

In urgent cases outside office hours call the police command centre (Lagezentrum des LKA Sachsen):
phone: (0351) 855 2055