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Action in the case of danger spots

Principle:  Keep calm! Recognize cause of danger, then use action.

1. Rescue people from the danger zone

Pay attention to self-protection!

2. Calling for help

fire brigade:       phone number 112
police:              phone number 110
rescue service:  phone number 112

Taking action according to the 4W - rule:
  • Where?  Name the exact location.
  • What kind of incident (fire, explosion, accident etc)?
  • How many injured persons? What kind of injuries?
  • Who called?

The rescue centre will bring conversation to an end.

3. Taking action - emergency relief

  • Render first aid.
  • Check the bodily functions, in the case of  respiratory arrest or circulatory collapse - start resuscitation. Correct support of the human body. Staunch heavy bleeding.
  • Prevent the spread to danger areas.
  • Isolate the sources of the fire. Stop leaking from gas. Stop leaking from chemicals. Bind chemicals which have been leaking out. Take explosive, flammable or highly dangeous chemicals  away from danger area.
  • Switch off electrical equipment.
  • Combat fire. 
  • Use fire extinguisher in order to secure an orderly retreat of persons. Pay attention to mode of operation for using fire extinguishers. Use only blankets in order to extinguish burning persons (never fire extinguishers)! 

4. Retreat from the danger zone

All not involved personshave to leave the danger zone immediately and should use the marked froutes. In the case of a fire the lifts are out of order.

All persons have to be familiar with the following items. Where is/ are the nearest

  • fire extinguisher?
  • blankets?
  • fire alarm?
  • emergency shower?
  • emergency exit?
  • first aid box?
  • oxygen masks?
  • telephone booth?

Who has to be informed/ called in the case of a fire?
Who has to be informed/ called in the case of an acccident?

First aid in the case of accident

  • First of all, ask for help and/ or call for the emergency services.
  • The first person at the scene and able to give assistance after an accident should only carry out the emergency measures.

First of all, you have to check:

  • Has the respiratory tract been blocked? Expose the respiratory tract!
  • Has there been a respiratory standstill? Give injured people respiration!
  • Has there been a cardiac arrest? Carry out the cardiac massage!
  • Has an extremely dangerous bleeding been? Stop the bleeding!

Furthermore you have to check:

  • Is the injured person suffering from shock? Shock treatment.
  • Is the person suffering from poisoning? Get in touch with the poison contol centre.
  • Is there any bleeding to stop? Put on a compression bandage.
  • Have any wounds to be tended? Cover the wounds.


Emergency call

Command Centre

In urgent cases please dial our emergency call number 110

Contact us

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Saxon State Ministry of the Interior
State Police Headquarters
Department 3 - Public Law and Order
Wilhelm-Buck-Straße 2
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