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EURO 2024 (ENG): European Football Championship in Leipzig

Host City Leipzig

From 14 June to 14 July, the UEFA EURO 2024 will be held in Germany, with four matches taking place in Leipzig. Lots of visitors are expected in the city during this period. The police, along with the public and the organisers, are working hard to make sure that the tournament can be carried out safely and securely.

Click here for German website. 

Police in Leipzig

Police in Leipzig

Polizei Station Leipzig-Centre (Website)

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Polizei Station Ritterstraße (Website)

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Federal Police Leipzig Central Station (Website)

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Polizei Station Leipzig-North (Website)

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Polizei Station Leipzig-Southwest (Website)

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Polizeistation Leipzig-Southeast (Website)

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We build security together

During the UEFA EURO 2024, a large number of police officers will be present in the streets and squares of Leipzig. Putting adequate security measures in place is a top priority and the Police have been working together with other government agencies and event organisers for a long time to ensure the safety of visitors to and residents of Leipzig.

In order to be able to maintain a high security level during the event, a close cooperation with the public is of great importance. Feel free to come up and talk to us police officers if you encounter us out and about in the streets and squares.

See it, say it - sorted!

Even a small observation can make a big difference. Maintaining a high security level is everybody’s responsibility. If you happen to see something suspicious, contact either a security guard or a police officer. In an emergency situation, always call 110.

News and Media Information

Useful information for your personal safety


Keep all valuables such as phones and wallets safe. Do not carry them in your back pocket or in open bags. Keep your bags closed and carry them across your body if possible.

Watch out for pickpockets / dancer trick

If you need to withdraw money from an ATM, do not withdraw more money than you need. Be careful that no one sees your PIN when you make your withdrawal.

If you're traveling in a group, keep an eye on each other so that you don't run into pickpockets, for example. Set meeting points throughout the day in case you lose sight of each other.

Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can always use it if needed.

What is the so-called »dancer trick«?
»Dancers« are pickpockets who often work in groups: while one bumps into or dances with the victim, another grabs the victim and immediately passes the loot on to a third person. Before the victim notices the theft, the third person is long gone with the loot.

Be careful with your alcohol consumption

Drunk people are easy prey for fraudsters and pickpockets. Keep an eye on your glass if you're in the pub and don't leave it unattended.

Be observant of your surroundings and try to stick to open, well-lit areas.

If you see someone who needs help

Ask for help from staff, security guards or the Police. Always consider your own safety before taking action.

Rumours and misinformation

At large events, there is always a risk of rumours and misinformation being spread and this often happens on social media. Be critical of sources and do not spread unconfirmed information. Instead, seek confirmed information from the authorities.

Plan your trip in advance

The city of Leipzig has a website about traveling during UEFA EURO 2024.

Your car is not a safe

Your car is not a safe

Saxon Police on Social Media (includes Leipzig Police)

Facebook Lupe

Leipzig Police do not operate their own social media channels, we provide information via the state channels of the Saxon Police.  



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